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Number of Registered Nonprofit Organizations Other Than Public Charities and Private Foundations
Filing Forms 990 in the Past 2 Years by State, 2012

Please note: Nonprofit measures per capita should be interpreted with caution since some nonprofits conduct activities outside of the area in which they register and file. For example: Washington D.C. has a high concentration of registered nonprofits with a national or global focus but that provide little if any direct program service in the District; in Missoula Montana, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation registered more than 600 affiliate organizations, such as its Jacksonville (FL) chapter, active in locations across the U.S.

1 Excludes 501(c)(3) public charities and private foundations.
2 'Active Filers' are defined as nonprofits that filed Form 990, 990EZ or 990N within the past two years ending December 2012.
3 Active 'Zero Filers' did not report income or assets on their latest return (almost all are small nonprofits filing 990N).