Classifieds (or Shared Resources) on the Community Platform

General Information, How Tos, & FAQs

What is the different between Classified and Shared Resources?

This is two different names for the same module of the site. Shared Resources was the original name but we have moved over 'Classifieds' with the module upgrade, especially with the integration of volunteer opportunities. 

Who can post on the Classifieds page?

Any registered user can post to the Classifieds. If you are associated with an organization, you can select this organization from the dropdown when adding a new posting but that is not required.

What type of items can be posted on the Classifieds page?

Nearly all sites' Classifieds sections include space for goods and services, and some sites are also hosting volunteer opportunities or even job positions.

I just posted an item - why I don't see it on the platform?

All Classified posts must be reviewed and approved by a Community Administrator, which usually happens within 2-3 business days. This is necessary to ensure that only real and quality postings are visible on the site. 

How can I find my own posting to edit/delete it?

First make sure you are logged in, then click on 'Classifieds' (or the site equivalent) on the main navigation bar. From this page, click on 'My Listings', which appears along the top of the main search box.