Organizations & Programs on the Community Platform

General Information, How Tos, & FAQs

Where do the organizations and programs on the site come from?

Each site comes preloaded with the organizations and programs that have filed an IRS Form 990 in this geographic region. Additionally, some sites have made arrangments with outside directories (such as United Way, for example) to load in their nonprofit databases as well. An organization can be added to the site directly as well, although this would have to be approved by a Community Administrator. Finally, any of the data on the site may have been updated by registered users (and approved by Admins). 

How do I find my organization?

The easiest way to find your organization is by searching - depending on the site layout, you may be able to search at the top of the page or from the homepage. You can also find your organization on the map - select your area (i.e. county), then your issue area (i.e. environment) and click 'Map It'. Click on your organization's icon, then on the name of your organization - which will be linked to your organization profile. If you do not see your organization on the map, it still may be in our system - we may have an incomplete address or an inaccurate NTEE code (issue area). 

I found my organization but something is wrong or missing - how can I update this information?

Updating your information is a great way to help the site stay up to date as well as to reach people who may need your services. To update the information - register/log in, find your organization's profile page (see above for instructions) and click 'Edit Organization'. You can change any information and submit the changes for review. Any changes require the review and approval of a Community Administrator, which usually happens within 2-3 business days.

I just made a change to my organization, why don't I see the new information?

Any changes require the review and approval of a Community Administrator, which usually happens within 2-3 business days.

How often is the IRS data updated?

Our master list of organizations is generally updated monthly; alhthough the IRS sometimes delays release of these files. Our financial data are updated annually.  The "Core" data -- basic revenue, expense, asset, liability, and net asset variables -- are updated once a year, usually in March. (The IRS is late releasing data this year so it will be April.)  We generally keypunch the detailed data on program descriptions, more detailed financial data, and chief staff officer information once every 12 months.  We initially do this when a partner first implements the site and then every 12 months after that. If partners need data keypunched more frequently, we are glad to discuss options. 

Can I make my own private lists of organizations? How?

Yes, on the site we call this a 'Custom List' or 'Resource List'. To create a list, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to 'Tools' in the top right corner, then 'Custom Organization Lists'
  2. Click 'Create New List'
  3. As noted in the message at right, you need to create the list before you can add orgs to it. Fill out the name and description, click 'Save'. 
  4. This create the (empty) custom list - to edit it, check the box next to the name, then click 'Edit this list'. 
  5. Now you should see a new box of options at the right, click on 'Add Organization to List'. 
  6. Now you should see a box that will allow you to search for the organization(s) you want to add. Search by name, size, location, etc. and click 'Submit' to search. 
  7. On the search results page, you'll see a list of organizations with checkboxes and, at the top, you'll see a grey box. This grey box shows the action that you can perform on the organizations selected below. Click the organization(s) you want to add and then click 'Go' in the grey box. (This will 'Tag Organizations' (first drop down) as "Your Circle Name" (second dropdown)). 

How do I 'associate' myself with an organization?

First find the organization's profile that you want to associate yourself with (see above for instructions). Once logged in, click 'Edit Organization' at the top right. On this page, select your relationship with the organization and then you are associated with an organization! Please note that this 'association' is essential on the honors system: there is no systematic verification of this, but it does help Community Administrators when they are reviewing changes on the site. 

Why can't we see an 'image' of the e-postcard 990s?

The e-postcard 990s are submitted electronically, so there is no image or PDF to view - the information from the e-postcards is incorporated into the organization profile already, it is just not separately indicated.