Nonprofits can play a vital role in advocating for those in their community. As front line service providers, nonprofit leaders have first hand knowledge of that could prove invaluable to the policy making process.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy can involve a wide variety of activities that seek to promote the interest of a particular cause or issue. Advocacy can look like any of the following: 1. Your organization conducts a public education campaign on domestic violence. 2. You initiate a letter writing campaign to get a proportion of apartments in a new development designated as low to moderate income housing. 3. Land used for a dog park is going to be closed down and you start a petition to get the city to preserve this site, or find a new one. 4. You hear that funding for early childhood education programs in your state is about to be cut and you go speak with your elected officials to persuade them to oppose the cuts.

Advocacy Tools

Other Resources

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