Foreclosures overview

Foreclosure rates:

  • U.S.: 1 in every 1,155
  • Florida: 1 in every 392
  • Delaware: 1 in every 480
  • Maryland: 1 in every 618
  • South Carolina: 1 in every 660
  • Illinois: 1 in every 700

Source: "National Real Estate Trends & Market Info."  RealtyTrac


  • In 2013 the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, NJ ranked number one in Foreclosure rate in the United States.
  • Atlantic City-Hammonton, NJ Metropolitan Statistical Area ranked second in Foreclosure rate in the United States
  • Kingston, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area ranked third


Map of Serious Delinquency Rates in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, September 2013:

Source: September 2013 Metropolitan Delinquency and Foreclosure Data:


Top 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas by Foreclosure rate: Metropolitan Rankings by Foreclosure Rate


Other data and resources on Housing:

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