Idealogy and Classification

A GuideStar user commented to NCCS about the classification of a particular organization. The comment raises some interesting questions about the "idealogy and classification" -- at least for some organizations. One can imagine similar issues being raised in other contexts as well, especially when religion is involved.

The user's comments are below. (NCCS does not have a position on the matter.)

Answers in Genesis Kentucky, Inc.

(EIN 33 0596423) is listed on Guidestar as:

X21 - Protestant

A56 - Natural History, Natural Science Museums

A57 - Science & Technology Museum

They describe themselves as:

Answers in Genesis is a nondenominational Christian ministry dedicated to upholding the Word of God from the very first verse. The ministry provides seminars, lectures, and programs to the general public, colleges, universities, and churches on the topic of origins. The ministry publishes Creation magazine, and offers numerous books, tapes, and other materials on this and related topics. Answers in Genesis is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization.

The museum isn't even listed in their focus, though it's one of their major undertakings. And they're building a creation museum based on the story of Genesis, and the idea that the earth is only about 6000 years old. While that might be A54, a history museum, most scientists would dispute Natural History, and definately not science and technology. A science museum would imply that it is not affiliated with a particular faith, which a Genesis museum clearly is.

The 'Creation Evidence Museum' in Texas is only listed under A50 - Museum and Museum Activities, maybe this would be more appropriate for the Answers in Genesis, Kentucky, Inc. as well.

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