NTEEs for Volunteering, Civic Engagement, Service Learning and Community Service

There is a cluster of NTEE categories focused loosely around service learning, volunteering, citizen participation, and related concepts:

T40 - Voluntarism Promotion (NAICS: 813)

Organizations that encourage people to volunteer. (rev. 1/05)

Key words: AmeriCorps; Community Service; National Civilian Community Corps; National Service; Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs; RSVP; Senior Corps; Senior Volunteers; VISTA; Voluntary Action Centers; Voluntary Service; Volunteer Action Centers; Volunteer Bureaus; Volunteer Management; Volunteer Opportunities; Volunteer Placement; Volunteer Recruitment; Volunteer Training; Volunteerism

S80 - Community Service Clubs (NAICS: 813)

Organizations whose members are business and professional men and/or women or other individuals who have a common interest in improving the life of the community, which conduct fund-raising events to finance community service projects. Many service clubs are chapters of national or international organizations.

Key words: Elks Clubs; Kiwanis; Jaycees; Lions Clubs; National Exchange Clubs; Rotary Clubs; Ruritan Clubs; Zonta International

O51 - Youth Community Service Clubs (NAICS: 813)

Organizations like Key Club that provide opportunities for children and youth to make a contribution to their local community through volunteer service projects. The purpose of the organization is to develop leadership skills and good citizenship practices in youngsters who are interested in service to others.

Key words: Key Clubs; Youth Service America

W24 - Citizen Participation (NAICS: 813)

Organizations that seek to ensure the broad participation of community residents in government decision making and the political process.

Key words: Citizenship; Civics; Participatory Democracy; Political Clubs

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