Excluding Edited Records from Queries in EON

A flag called UseNteeDraft is used in EON to track Ntee 'draft' codes that are assigned from one major Ntee update to the next. UseNteeDraft is initialized to '0' (zero) for all records in nteedocAllEins during each major update of Ntee codes. UseNteeDraft is changed to '1' when records are assigned a new Ntee 'draft' code in EON and UseNteeDraft is reinitialized to '0' when Ntee 'draft' codes are used in the next major update.

Since UseNteeDraft =1 when a record has been changed in EON, you can avoid seeing records that were recently edited by adding “UseNteeDraft=0” to your EON query.

Added 09/11/2008 by jdurnford, Modified 09/11/2008 by jdurnford


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