How do new NTEE categories get added? (FAQ)

We currently have more than 600 different NTEE codes to choose from, and we get requests for new ones on a regular basis. We weigh a number of factors when choosing to add a code:

  • Are there numerous organizations that would fit into the category? (We currently classify over 2 million organizations.)
  • Do current alternatives provide sufficient detail for policy-makers, analysts, and practitioners?
  • Is there an important public policy reason to add a code? A code for "Global warming and climate change" is likely to be added soon.
  • You can help us keep our coding system up-to-date and relevant. Let us know your perspective:

    Do you have a sense about the number of organizations that ought to be classified in a category that you are proposing?

    Why would current options not suffice?

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Added 12/03/2008 by tpollak, Modified 12/02/2010 by kuttkeUI


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