Project Management Tools and Guides

Managing projects -- ranging from PTA fundraisers to building a community playground -- can make or break an organization's reputation. With that in mind, we are providing a few links to useful resources:

Free Online Tools

All three of these tools provide online project/task management tools that can be used by project teams. The free versions usually have limited capacity, but one can pay a relatively modest fee for additional capacity.

  • Zoho Project -
  • Central Desktop - - Very nice, but limited capacity for the free license.
  • BaseCamp -
  • Open Source Tools

    If you have a web server or share a domain that supports the PHP programming language (typical for low-cost hosting services) and have someone with the necessary technical skills on staff, you can install an open-source project management system, which will provide unlimited capacity for free--albeit usually without the bells and whistles of the online services above.

  • ZenTrack -
  • dotProject -
  • Others can be found at
  • Guides

  • Open Source Project Management manual -
  • Guidelines for Managing Projects from the UK Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) -
  • Project Management (from Wikipedia) -

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