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From the Mandel Center on Nonprofit Organizations at Case Western Reserve University:

Nonprofit Strategic Alliances Case Studies: The Role of Trust

In order to build upon our previous research for Merging Nonprofit Organizations: The Art and Science of the Deal (2001) and Nonprofit Strategic Alliance Case Studies: Lessons from the Trenches (2001), we decided to take a closer look at the role of trust in the development of strategic alliances among nonprofit organizations. We selected three different kinds of strategic alliances (merger, consolidation, and joint venture) as the basis for exploratory case studies. These studies are descriptive and do not represent a formal analysis, nor do they seek to present a particular theory or research question. They recount the processes organizations used as they came together, highlight the perspectives of the participants closest to the alliance formation process, and identify what impact, if any, the presence or absence of trust may have had on this process.

The organizations described in this book are:

* Case Study 1: The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland

* Case Study 2: Ideastream

* Case Study 3: Otis Moss, Jr. - University Hospitals Medical Center

Nonprofit Strategic Alliances Case Studies: Lessons From the Trenches

The six case studies collected here feature organizations that have completed a merger or consolidation or another kind of legal alliance with one or more other organizations. The case studies illustrate: the driving forces that influence organizations to consider strategic alliances; how they chose or came to know their partners; the timeline and process they used to form the alliance; hurdles or obstacles they encountered along the way; the evaluation or outcomes of the alliance; and the lessons they learned from the entire experience. The organizations described in the book are:

* Case Study 1: The Alliance for Nonprofit Management

* Case Study 2: Applewood Centers

* Case Study 3: Catholic Charities Services Corporation

* Case Study 4: HelpSource

* Case Study 5: Metropolitan Alliance of Community Centers

* Case Study 6: Ottawa County United Way

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