Model Programs: Senior Citizens

  • Elderly people in some communities have banded together to hire professional help in so-called "aging in place communities":

  • Meals on Wheels's volunteers provide meals to home-bound seniors.

  • West Virginia University Center on aging has published the Best Practices in Service Delivery to the Rural Elderly.

  • The Aging in Place Initiative has created a best practices database that contains programs successful at increasing the livability of their communities.

  • The Virtual Senior Center connect homebound seniors to community and family.

  • ENcorps is a Maine program that "provides on-going training and networking opportunities in addition to a two-day Leadership Summit experience. There, participants learn about community development, community health, and environmental stewardship, and have a chance to meet other ENCorps Volunteers from around the state. Sample ENCorps Volunteer Opportunities include:
    • Serve as an environmental educator with a conservation program
    • Help build and maintain walking trails in your community
    • Assist as a volunteer water quality analyst for a lake near your home
    • Help to write grants for a local planning organization or environmental program
    • Participate in a local town planning committee or board"

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