Prime 9 Brevard Sports Academy
3195 Burdock Ave
West Melbourne, FL 32904


Prime 9 baseball offers our local youth the opportunity to play baseball against other travel programs.  The Program includes a year round baseball season.  


It is the goal of this program to create an environment that will allow the players to realize their capabilities as baseball players; to develop confidence, self-esteem and poise as athletes; to understand that their achievements are a direct result of their efforts; to cultivate lifelong friends among their teammates, and to support each other in all situations; and to understand that sportsmanship, not showmanship, is the major ingredient in playing with class.


The true purpose of our team is to provide a supportive and competitive environment so that the boys can improve as athletes on the field and young men of good character off field.While we try to divide playing time among the boys, the stronger positions players and top pitchers (as determined by the manager and coaches) will always receive more innings.  The amount of playing time per individual is not guaranteed.  They learn that most things in life are competitive and that they need to set forth a strong committed effort if they are to succeed.

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