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Community Impact Circles

Strengthen your collaboration's ability to work together, get data, share data and communicate


A Community Impact Circle (Impact Circles) is a free tool for your collaborative to use for advanced web-based communication (such as real-time screen sharing conference calls), document storage and sharing, along with providing project management, outcomes measurement tools and learning resources on best practices in collaboration. The goal is to make communication and data sharing easier for your collaborative. Learn more »

An Example of a Community Impact Circle Dashboard:

Community Impact Circle Screenshot

Who Can Form a Circle?

Any Connecticut Collaboration of agencies or individuals that is working in the public interest to make their communities and State a better place. Circles can be as simple and informal as after-school providers in a neighborhood getting together to track needs and share best practices, or comprehensive formal partnerships of state agencies, municipalities and nonprofits addressing unemployment in a specific region or multiple regions across the state. Learn more »

Long Term Goal: Shared Effective Practices, Strategic Alliances

Along with providing communication and collaboration management tools for individual Community Impact Circles, it is hoped that Circles with similar missions will share best practices with each other and find opportunities for strategic collaboration between regions. Learn more »

Top Features:

» Manage Users

» Communicate

» Manage Tasks

» Sign Up Organizations

» Manage project activities

» Document Vault and Knowledge Sharing

» Manage or Create an Impact Circle

» Performance Measurement Tool

» Community Impact
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