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For information or inquiries regarding either the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform or the Connecticut Data Collaborative, contact Michelle Riordan-Nold, Executive Director, Connecticut Data Collaborative, at [email protected] or 860-571-7136.

Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform

The Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform is a program of the Connecticut Data Collaborative, a project of the New Connecticut Foundation. The Platform was developed with support from the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) to the Connecticut Data Collaborative and designed in partnership with the Washington, DC based Urban Institute's National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) and its Community Platform project. Ongoing support has been provided by the State of Connecticut through an agreement with the Office of the Secretary of State.

The Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform is a shared web-based research and communication tool for Connecticut's nonprofits, state policy makers and funders to use for public policy planning and action. The two central goals of the Platform are to make data accessible and useable for decision-making regarding the resources of Connecticut's nonprofit sector and to strengthen the effectiveness of collaborations between nonprofits and State agencies. Central features of this web-based Platform provide the capacity to:

  • 1. Map Connecticut nonprofit resources to human needs.
  • 2. Analyze the financial health of Connecticut nonprofits.
  • 3. Provide education on the usage of Results-Based Accountability (RBA). The RBA assessment method now used by the Connecticut General Assembly Appropriations Committee in all of its allocation decision-making.
  • 4. Strengthen the impact of nonprofit collaborations through web-based communication, planning and document storage feature of the Community Impact Circle.

"The nonprofit sector's ability to strengthen communities requires better information, collaboration, analysis tools, and knowledge-sharing resources," states Thomas Pollak, director of The Urban Institute's national Community Platform project. "Connecticut is a key lead state in the development of the Urban Institute's national initiative. Our goal is to link all fifty states in this knowledge management network," adds Pollak.

The University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program served as the lead agency in the development of the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform. An advisory board of Connecticut nonprofit leaders guided the initial development of the Platform's development:

  • Christina Ciociola, Knowledge & Evaluation Director
    Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
  • Ron Cretaro, Executive Director
    Connecticut Association of Nonprofits
  • Peter DeBiasi, President & CEO
    Access Community Agency
    Co-Chair of the CT. Commission on Non-Profit Human Services Commission
  • Kimberley Fontaine, Marketing & Philanthropy Manager
    Connecticut Health Education Facilities Authority
  • Jennifer Gifford, Director of Planning and Assessment
    United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
  • Sheryl Horowitz, Director of Community Research
    Connecticut Association of Human Services
  • Donna Jolly, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
    Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
  • Nancy Leonard, Public Affairs Officer
    William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
  • Rick Porth, President
    United Way of Connecticut
  • Nancy Roberts, President
    Connecticut Council for Philanthropy

"Hundreds of the State's nonprofits will be partners in making the Platform work, however crucial to the Platform's success is the partnership with the United Way of Connecticut. Through its 2-1-1 database the United Way of Connecticut provides vital information on program services of the state's nonprofits and tracking of needs of Connecticut citizens that the national IRS database simply cannot provide. It is the merging of national and state data that will make the Platform work", states Garvey.

"This collaboration to create the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform will contribute substantially to helping policy makers and community leaders make informed decisions about tackling community needs and challenges. United Way of Connecticut's participation is consistent with our mission to help meet the needs of Connecticut residents by providing information, education and connection to services", states Rick Porth, President of the United Way of Connecticut.

The University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program
University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program's mission is to strengthen the educational, communication and research infrastructure of the Connecticut and U.S. nonprofit sector. The UConn Nonprofit Leadership Program is an initiative of and is housed at the University of Connecticut's Department of Public Policy.

Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
The Urban Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research and educational organization that examines the social, economic, and governance problems facing the nation. The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy conducts and disseminates research on the role and impact of nonprofit organizations and philanthropy. The Center's mission is to promote understanding of civil society and improve nonprofit sector performance through rigorous research, clear analysis, and informed policy. The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) is housed at the Center. The Community Platform, the national hub of which the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform is connecting, is a developing program of the Center.

United Way of Connecticut
United Way of Connecticut's mission is to help meet the needs of Connecticut residents by providing information, education and connection to services. We further our mission by providing 24/7 toll free call center access (dial 2-1-1) to health and human services information, specialized services in child care, child development and disabilities and HUSKY health insurance, and by collaborating with local United Ways and Connecticut state agencies and elected officials.

Connecticut Data Collaborative

The Connecticut Data Collaborative is a collaborative public-private effort to improve the quality of and access to policy-related data in the state. The goals of the Collaborative include:

  • Advocacy - Advocating for the public availability of all state data to inform public debate and to drive planning, policy, budgeting and decision making in state government.
  • Standards - Promoting and modeling use of data standards around privacy, interoperability, data definitions and quality.
  • Access - Meeting demands for public access to data through the Collaborative's data portal, CTData.org, and the associated Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform.
  • Building Capacity - Creating opportunities for Collaborative and peer support in data development and use both online and in person.

The Collaborative is developing CTData.org as a central portal where all Connecticut organizations and residents can access a wide range of data from federal, state, local and private sources relating to the health, well-being and economy of the residents of the State of Connecticut. The portal features innovative web-based visualization tools to help users analyze the data. The Collaborative is building relationships with state agencies, nonprofit think tanks, and issue-based coalitions to make their data publicly available at this site.

The Steering Committee of the Collaborative (in formation) includes:

  • Robert H. Aseltine, Jr., PhD
    Connecticut Health Information Network
    University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Merle Berke-Schlessel, Esq.
    President & CEO
    United Way of Coastal Fairfield County
  • William Cibes
    Former Secretary of OPM &
    Former Chancellor of CT State University System
  • James Farnam
    Farnam Associates, LLC
  • Kimberley Fontaine
    Philanthropy & Marketing Manager
    Connecticut Health & Educational Facilities Authority
  • David Garvey, Ph.D.
    University of Connecticut
    Nonprofit Leadership Program
    Department of Public Policy
  • Elliot Ginsberg
    President and CEO
    CT Center for Advance Technology
  • Janice M. Gruendel, Ph.D., M.Ed.
  • Denise Merrill, Secretary of State, State of Connecticut
  • Jamie Mills, Senior Advisor for Policy Analysis
    Office of Policy and Management, State of Connecticut
  • Dean Myshrall, Director of Data Services
    Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology (BEST), State of Connecticut
  • David M. Nee
    Executive Director
    William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
  • Rick Porth
    President & CEO
    United Way of CT
  • Bennett Pudlin
    The Charter Oak Group, LLC
  • Robert W. Santy
    President & CEO
    Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc.
  • Lyle Wray, Executive Director
    Capitol Region Council of Governments

The Connecticut Data Collaborative a project of the New Connecticut Foundation, a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization formed by the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC). For questions regarding the Collaborative contact Michelle Riordan-Nold, Executive Director, Connecticut Data Collaborative, [email protected] or 860-571-7136.

The New Connecticut Foundation is an affiliate of CERC, a nonprofit corporation and public-private partnership that provides objective research, marketing and economic development services consistent with its mission of making Connecticut a more competitive business location.